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The field is located in the best part of the appellations "COTEAUX DU LAYON" and "SAVENNIERES".The area profits from a dry climate.The vines cling to an abrupt slope,south oriented,made of eruptive rocks, on the"PIERRE BISE" cliff which overhangs the Layon river.
The 18ha of vines,mainly old and rehabilited,are planted with only noble varieties,cultivated without manuring,insecticides,toxic or non biodegradable products.
Viticultural methods adapted to each plot and respectful of the environment(with optima energetical,toxicological,microbiological status)and a non artificial and smooth wine making to avoid aromas oydation and destruction allow the full expression of these splendid "terroirs".

The wines profit from the richness and the complexity of the soils of the estate
The dry white wines
-ANJOUchenin sauvignon aromatic and nervy
-ANJOU"vendanges de Novembre" low surmaturity of chenin gold medal Angers 2005-Decanter mag London 2006
-SAVENNIERES"la Royauté"aromatic power and width of the chenin-gold medal "Vignerons indépendants" 2008

-COTEAUX DU LAYON MEDIUM:light surmaturity of the chenin-sharp,round with delicate flavours
-ST LAMBERT"les bonnes blanches"liquorous (85g/l natural residual sugar) balances and elegant wine
-BEAULIEU"cuvée BEHUARD"liquorous (130g/l natural residual sugar)power of tha aromas,fat and nervousness.gold medal Angers 99,05,07,silver medal Angers 04,bronze Angers 00,gold "vignerons independants"00,bronze 05,bbb Vinomagazine 05,gold medal Decanter world wine awards 05
-BEAULIEU"EXCELCIS"liquorous(230g/l natural residual sugar)gift from the year 2003,real aromatic bomb with nervousness.bb Vinomagazine 05,gold medal Angers 06,silver medal Bruxelles 07

The rosé wines
-ROSE DE LOIREdry and frutty wine from grolleau
-CABERNET D'ANJOUvery fruity and medium sweet

The red wines
-ANJOU GAMAY round and fruity
-ANJOU"les muriers"hand harvested cabernet franc-red fruits flavours,velvety structure
-ANJOU"les guerches"hand harvested cabernet sauvignon-powerfull blackfruits flavours,coated tannins,gold medal "vignerons indépendants" 2007

The sparkling wines-CREMANT DE LOIRE
-white-dry or medium-chenin,chardonnay fruity,nervous elegant
-rosé,dry the flavours of the pineau d'aunis

Our wines have been selected by:
guide Hachette,guide Gilbert et Gaillard,guide du vin au feminin,guide Dussert Gerber,la Revue des vins de France,Vins magazine,Cuisines et vins de France,Vinomagazine Brussels,Deacanter magazine London and number of prestigious tables and rewarded restaurants

please contact us to obtain our tarification
we send directly wines to individuals in all the euro zone

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